Conférence - débat

Déjeuner scientifique à PALEVOPRIM


Dimitri NEAUX

Postdoctorant, UMR 7209 – AASPE, MNHN, Paris


From wild boars to domestic pigs: unravelling morphological evolution through the study of the domestication process

Animal domestication can be defined as an “ongoing process of intensification of human-animal interactions”. It is associated with substantial phenotypic changes in relatively short timescales. These modifications are linked with drastic changes in terms of habitat (anthropogenic environment) and selection regime (artificial selection). How can we use domestication as a convincing model for the comprehension of evolutionary processes?


Salle 410, bât. B35 (3ème étage, aile nord), Université de Poitiers.

sept. 18 2020

De 13:00 à 14:00